Meeting Programme

Old Globe
Around the World in 80 Images
- Peter Berry
10th January 2022
Photos taken on his travels.
Experiences of a Town Crier
- Ken Brightwell
14th February 2022
Ken hails from Cheltenham, will arrive in costume and we will hear his 'cry'.
Judge and Gavel
What Lies Beneath the Surface
- Ginny Davis
14th March 2022
An insight into the lives and work of High Court judges and QCs. Ginny will discuss the often stated theory that actors and criminal advocates perform similar functions, from her personal perspective of having been both a practising barrister and an actor.
Bouquet of Flowers
Home Grown (Flower Arranging)
- Christine Ramsey
11th April 2022
Christine is a qualified Area Demonstrator for NAFAS and has particular interest in home grown flowers and the history of flower arranging. She will demonstrate smaller flower arrangements and give us some ideas for our Craft Show.
The History of the Permanent Wave & Resolutions Evening
- Val Simmons
9th May 2022
How this hairdressing phenomenon changed attitudes.
The Joy of False Memory
- Dr Kate Bellamy
13th June 2022
The talk explores false memory syndrome and how by studying it scientists could understand how true memory works. It covers eye witness testimony and Katy explains how she came to stay with the subject.
Colorful Buildings
Cuba, the Country and its People
- Bob Beach
11th July 2022
Before Covid, Bob had spent much of his time in Cuba and he continues to keep in contact with many of the friends he met there. This is a closer look at Cuba and the life of its people.
A Journey from Lockdown Anxiety to Textile Artist
- Louise Parker
12th September 2022
Louise, like many people, found the first lockdown very difficult. Whilst cleaning, she found a textile take home kit that hadn't seen the light of day since the original session ... the rest, as they say, is history.
- Helen Stewart
10th October 2022
Helen returns by popular demand.
Cute Girl
AGM / Members Evening
14th November 2022
The True Story of the Christmas Mummers Play
- Stephen Rowley
12th December 2022
We have probably heard of mummers and may even have seen a performance ... but do we know where they come from and what they represent?

Moreton-in-Marsh Evening WI