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Meeting Programme

Japanese Traditional Fashion
Reincarnation of the Japanese Kimono

- Jackie Loring
17th April 2023
Our WI! A chance to chat & find out about all the groups in our WI
15th May 2023
Sunset Walk
Tax, Care and Toy Boys

- The Co-op, Nicholas Minshull
12th June 2023
The Mitford's in the Cotswolds

- Dr Muriel Pilkington
10th July 2023
Beach Chairs
No meeting
14th August 2023
'Undercover in Afghanistan' - Filming in Afghanistan during the Russian War

- Erika Stevenson
11th September 2023
Auction Hammer
Tales from the Auction Room

- Steve Bruce
9th October 2023
Cute Girl
AGM / Members Evening
13th November 2023
In Comes I ... The true story of the Christmas Mummers Play

- Stephen Rowley
11th December 2023
The North Cotswold Foodbank

- Alexia Monroe
8th January 2024
Brain Sketch
Fun facts about the brain that you didn't know you needed to know

- Dr Kate Bellamy
12th February 2024
Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat
Magician & Storyteller

- Nick Brunger
11th March 2024

Moreton-in-Marsh Evening WI

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